Top 10 dance studio books for new & experienced dance studio owners. How to start a dance studio and get more dance students.

Top 10 Books on How to Start Up a Dance Studio & Get More Dance Students

Starting a dance studio can be an overwhelming (though exciting!) time. But as any dance studio owner would tell you, the work doesn’t stop there. You’ll want to continue to grow your dance studio and increase enrollment and profits.

Luckily, there are some great resources available for you!

Here at Dance Teacher Finder, we’ve put together a list of the best books for starting a dance studio. These books are also excellent reads if you’re wondering how to get more dance students or how to make your dance studio profitable.

We hope you’ll find the book(s) that help you build the dance studio of your dreams. Good luck and happy dancing!

1. For Dance Studio Owners by Auntie Hollander

2. The Dance School Owner’s Survival Guide: Everything You Need To Set Up And Run A Successful Dance School by Sarah Gittins

3. Dance Studio TRANSFORMATION: Build a 7-figure studio, increase your community impact and GET BACK YOUR LIFE! by Clint Salter

4. How to Run a Preschool Dance Studio: The 7 Step System to Create, Grow and Expand Your Preschool Dance Classes by Emma Franklin Bell

5. How to Open a Successful Pole Dance Studio: Turn Your Pole Business Idea into a Grand Opening by Teresa Saffold

6. Dance Studio Secrets: 65 Ways To Build A Thriving Studio by Clint Salter

7. Progressive Business Plan for a Dance Studio: A Targeted Fill-in-the-Blank Template with a Comprehensive Marketing Plan by Nat Chiaffarano MBA

8. Dance Studio Dynamics: A Guide to Running Your Own Dance School by Cedric Bell

9. Growing Your Dance Business Paperback by Anne Walker MBE

10. A Complete Dance Studio Business Plan: A Key Part Of How To Start A Dance & Performing Arts Studio Business by In Demand Business Plans

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