Young ballerina in costume at a dance recital as an example of a photo you could use in a recital program ad

Best Dance Program Ad Template

Today we’re going to take a look at the best dance program ad templates.

If you’re a dance parent or want to support someone in a dance recital, this is such a time saver! Instead of having to start from scratch in designing an ad, you can just customize one of these professionally designed templates. As a dance student, I always loved having ads in the recital program. It made the recital even more special for me.

And if you’re a dance studio owner who’s putting the program together, these dance recital ad templates can be a useful resource. You can send your parents a link to this list if they need some help in creating an ad. And you can use one of the templates if you’d like to place an ad yourself to thank your dance teachers for their great work or honor your graduating seniors.

(Note: if you need some assistance in making the recital program itself, you may find this list of the best dance recital program templates helpful.)

Top 20 Dance Program Ad Templates

  1. Silver Glitter Photo Collage Full Page Dance Recital Ad – Can edit in Canva
  2. Dance Recital Program or Yearbook Ad with Stars & Filmstrip
  3. Pink Roses Full Page Ad for Dance Recital Program or Yearbook
  4. Full Page Floral Dance Recital Ad – Editable in Canva
  5. Elegant Half Page Ad for Dance Recital Program that you can edit in Canva
  6. Peach, Gold & Blush Rose Recital Program or Yearbook Ad
  7. Sweet Half Page Floral Dance Recital Ad
  8. Full Page Pink Floral Dance Program Collage Ad (can edit in Canva)
  9. Ad for Dance Recital Program or Yearbook with Flowers and Pointe Shoes
  10. Minimalist Full Page Dance Program Ad – Edit in Canva
  11. Faux Gold Half Page Ad for Dance Recital Program or Yearbook
  12. Fun Full Page Dance Recital Ad with Hearts Pattern in Background
  13. Blue Horizontal Half Page Dance Program Ad (edit in Canva)
  14. Soft Coral & Pink Pastel Full Page Recital Program Ad
  15. Full Page Ballet Recital Program Ad that is Editable in Canva
  16. Dark Dance Recital Program or Yearbook Ad with Gold, Peach and Blush Roses
  17. Pink Full Page Recital Program Ad to edit in Canva
  18. Modern Recital Program Half Page Ad (editable in Canva)
  19. Full Page Dance Ad with Dance Words for Recital Program or Yearbook
  20. Full Page Ad with Name Inside Heart for Dance Recital or Yearbook

More Dance Program Ad Options

Don’t want to do any of the work yourself? Whether it’s because you don’t feel comfortable doing any graphic design work or you simply don’t have the time, it’s completely understandable! Here are some ways you can get a great looking dance recital ad made for you. You’ll provide your information (like the name of the dance student, photo of the dancer, etc) and the ad will be designed according to your requests.

  1. Leanne Dance Recital Program Ad
  2. Sweet Dance Program Ad
  3. Aniyah Recital Program Ad
  4. Alexa Dance Recital Ad
  5. Sami Dance Recital Program Ad
  6. Destini Half Page Recital Program Ad

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