Easily editable dance recital programs, different themes (circus, Disney, reach for the stars, Nutcracker, etc.)

Best Dance Recital Program Template Options

Importance of Professional Dance Recital Program

When it comes to a dance recital, as a dance studio owner, you may be focused on things like getting costumes ordered & distributed, dance recital routine choreography, the order of the recital, etc. And obviously, all of those things are important. But do you focus enough on the dance recital program?

Because the truth is, that is a very important aspect of your dance studio as well. This is one of the last things parents will see before a break. You want them to be as impressed with you as possible so they will continue to send their child to your dance studio. You want them leaving the recital with a sense that your dance school is the most professional dance school in town.

But you are a dance studio owner and a dance teacher, not a graphic designer, right (unless of course, you are, and in that case, kudos to you for overachieving!). You shouldn’t have to go out and get a degree in graphic design to design your own dance recital program.

But I am sure you want to design your own dance recital program. After all, this is your dance studio. Your baby. Your dance recital program should reflect your vision for your dance studio.

So what’s the solution then? Well, for me, I say get a great dance recital program template!

A dance recital program template is a great way for you to have an incredibly professional looking dance recital program that you work on yourself. Once you get a template, you can just edit in all of your information. And these templates are themed to dance recitals. So they will look exactly right for what you are trying to accomplish. And since you are ordering a template and not a complete graphic design, you will be paying a gigantic fraction of what you would pay if you hired someone to design your recital program for you.

Best Dance Recital Program Templates

So here is our list of some great dance recital program templates you can use for your dance recital program.

  1. Dance Recital Program Template, Printable Pamphlet, Editable Word Doc Instant Download Folded Booklet, Church Senior Piano Studio
  2. Dance Recital Program Template – Printable Piano Recital – Word, PDF Download – Simple One Page Event Program Editable Personalize Customize
  3. Reach for the Stars Dance Recital Program Template
  4. Seasons Dance Recital Program Templates
  5. Circus Theme Dance Recital Program Template
  6. Travel Theme Dance Recital Program Template
  7. Dance Recital Program Templates (Backstage Pass)
  8. Rosette Spring Recital Program – Digital, Print it Yourself, Custom Colors-Customized For Any Event-Letter Size 8.5×11 Inch Folded Landscape
  9. Nutcracker Ballet Christmas Winter Recital Program Templates
  10. Starburst Recital Program – Digital – Print it Yourself – Customized For Any Event – Custom Colors – 8.5×11 Inch – Folded Landscape
  11. Make a Wish Dance Recital Program Templates
  12. Disney Design’s Dance Recital Program Templates #2

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