I don’t have a PayPal account, but I would like to purchase a subscription.  What should I do?

You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase a subscription.  When you sign up for our services you can pay as a guest and use a credit or debit card, or you can use a PayPal account.

I’m not a dance studio, but I am looking to hire a dance teacher.  Can I still use your services?

Yes! If you are a summer camp, afterschool program, or some other organization that is looking to hire a dance teacher, we invite you to use Dance Teacher Finder.  You can still select one of the Dance Studio subscriptions (Gold, Platinum or Diamond Level), even if your company is not a dance studio.

My dance studio is not located in the United States.  Can I still use Dance Teacher Finder?

Yes! While our company is based out of the United States, we are very much an international organization with resumes and job listings in many countries all over the world.  The mission of our company is to help dance studios everywhere.  PayPal lists the price in US dollars, but you can pay in your currency.

Can I use this service on multiple devices?

Yes, you should be able to use on multiple devices; however, you cannot login to your account on two devices at the same time.

Can I share my account with other studio owners?

No, any dance studio using Dance Teacher Finder’s service should be using its own separate account, even if you are just browsing resumes and not submitting jobs.  Multiple users cannot login to the same account at the same time, so if you give your account password to a friend it could prevent you from being able to use our services.  Additionally, if it was to come to our attention multiple studios were using the same account, this would be a violation of our terms of service and your account would be terminated without a refund.

How do I know if there are any resumes in the database in the area I live in?

Even without a membership, you can view dance instructors’ first names and location, which gives you an idea of how many resumes there are in the database in any given area without letting unregistered members see personal information of dance instructors.

If I have a gold membership and all five of the jobs I submitted for the month have been filled, can I add more jobs?

No, gold members can only have 5 total jobs for the period, regardless of whether or not they have been filled.

What should I do then if I have more jobs I want to post?

Buy a platinum or diamond subscription so you can post more jobs.  Hint: If you think you’re going to post a lot of jobs, you might want to start with a platinum or diamond subscription.

When my subscription is up, will I automatically be charged again?

No!  We personally know how frustrating it can be when you sign up for something thinking you will be charged once only to be charged again and again, so we do not employ any automatic renewal system.  We know as studio owners how important your money is! Besides, we’re quite confident you will enjoy our services enough that you will come back to us!

What then should I do when my membership is over?

You can go ahead and buy another membership.  If you had a gold membership and enjoyed our services, you might want to upgrade to a higher subscription because it’s a lot less money per month.

When I want to search for resumes based on a dance styles which dance styles can I look for?

When a dance teacher sets up an online profile, they can click on the box next to each dance style they can teach so you can easily search for teachers of a specific style.  The dance styles they can choose from are Acro/Gymnastics/Tumbling, Aerial Dance, African, Ballet, Ballroom, Baton, Belly Dance, Butoh, Cheer/Pom, Chinese Folk Dance, Clogging, Commercial Dance, Contemporary, Country Western, English Folk Dance, Flamenco, Hawaiian, Hip Hop, Indian Bollywood, Indian Classical, Irish Dance, Israeli Dancing, Jazz, Latin, Lyrical, Modern, Mommy & Me, Musical Theater, Pointe, Praise Dance, Preschool Dance, Salsa, Scottish Highland Dance, Swing, Tahitian, Tango, Tap, Yoga Dance and Zumba.

What if I am a dance teacher who teaches a style not listed here?

Please contact us and we will add the dance style.