I always felt as a studio owner that there had to be a better way to hire dance teachers. After all, dance teachers are an important part of our business.  Nothing can run students from your studio like a teacher constantly not showing up.  I knew there had to be a better way, and this is why I created Dance Teacher Finder with my business partners.

Dance Teacher Finder is set up to help dance studios find dance teachers and substitute dance teachers.  Since launching the website in February of 2015, the site has grown so much that I sold my studio to one of my dance teachers and am now fully focused on making Dance Teacher Finder the best resource for both dance studios and dance teachers.

I used to be a studio owner so I know what I want.  I was always willing to pay money in order to find quality (I’m always wary of free offers because as the old saying goes, if something looks too good to be true it generally is), but I don’t want to pay something on par with my monthly rent!

I wanted the quality of the major job websites but being a small studio owner I didn’t have the budget of a Bank of America or a Target do so naturally Career Builder and Monster Jobs were out of my price range.

This is why I believe Dance Teacher Finder is the perfect website.  It has all the benefits of a larger website (resume database, job board, search functions, etc.), without the price tag!

In fact, as far as features go, we even went a step further, and added functions we wished the bigger job board websites had – namely, unlimited access and contact with the teacher database.  After all, I may need a lot of substitute teachers in any given month, so I’d hate to go to contact someone and realize I was out of my monthly limit.  Having to then get a bigger account would sort of defeat the purpose of this being a simplified source, don’t you think?  Even though I am no longer a dance studio owner, I will always think like one!

In short, I think Dance Teacher Finder is the best place to go for dance studios needing teachers and teachers needing jobs, and I look forward to working with you in the future!