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Best Dance Teacher Lesson Plan Template

I am sure I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have lesson plans as a dance teacher. It is an important way to make sure your dance classes accomplish the goals you have set out for the dance class. It’s a way to keep your classes on task. And if you are a dance studio owner, it’s a great thing to give your other dance teachers to make sure their classes are being run to their best potential.

But if you are creating a lesson plan for the first time, you might not know where to start. That is why a dance teacher lesson plan template is so great. They give you a place to start and then all you have to do is edit it with your information. They are really easy to edit, too. (Often, you can even print them off and write directly on them.) And they are quite inexpensive.

So where do you find these dance teacher lesson plan templates? Well, here, of course! We came up with our list of the best dance teacher lesson plan templates you can find online.

Best Dance Lesson Plan Templates

  1. Easy to Use Printable Dance Lesson Plan
  2. Color Coded Printable Dance Lesson Plan Template
  3. Ballet Lesson Plan Template
  4. Dance Lesson Plan and Exercise Plan Templates
  5. Dance Private Lesson Plan Template
  6. Ballet Lesson Plan Printable Templates (18 Pages)
  7. Printable One Page Dance Lesson Plan Template

Best Dance Teacher Lesson Plan Template Bundles

These dance teaching lesson plan templates also come with other resources for dance teachers. They are great options if you’d like to become more organized as a dance teacher or a dance studio owner.

  1. Light Pink Dance Teacher Lesson Planning Kit (also includes templates for choreography and formations, dance goals and more)
  2. Dance Teacher Planner Bundle (also includes templates for formations, goal setting, performance brainstorming and more)
  3. Dance Lesson Planning Pack (also includes pages for goals, attendance, choreography, and playlist)
  4. Pink Printable Dance Teaching Planning Journal (also includes templates for recital planning and choreography)
  5. Dance Teacher Lesson Plan Bundle (also includes income tracker, weekly and monthly schedules, and more)
  6. Dance Teacher Lesson Planner (also includes pages for games, formations, and monthly planning)
  7. Dance Class Lesson Plan and Choreography Digital Planner Bundle (over 300 pages with 75+ pre-cropped digital stickers)
  8. Printable Dance Lesson Planner Pack (with page dividers)

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