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Top 50 Best Books for Dancers

Looking for the best books for dancers? Maybe you’re searching for the perfect gift for your dance teacher, one of your friends who loves dance or a family member – or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself! Well, not to worry. We at Dance Teacher Finder have put together a list of the best books for dancers. These are books that can inspire, motivate and educate. The first on the list, Gail Grant’s Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet, has been a favorite resource as a ballet teacher for many years. All of the books, though, have something amazing they can offer for dance teachers, dance students and simply lovers of dance.

  1. Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet
  2. NYC Ballet Workout: Fifty Stretches And Exercises Anyone Can Do For A Strong, Graceful, And Sculpted Body
  3. Ballet Pedagogy: The Art of Teaching
  4. Ballet – an Illustrated History
  5. Dance Anatomy
  6. Tapworks: A Tap Dictionary and Reference Manual
  7. African American Dance: An Illustrated History
  8. Jazz Dance Class
  9. Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina
  10. The Vision of Modern Dance: In the Words of Its Creators
  11. Group Motion in Practice: Collective Creation Through Dance Movement Improvisation
  12. The 1st Three Years of Dance: Teaching Tips, Monthly Lesson Plans, and Syllabi for Successful Dance Classes
  13. Jitterbug – Swing : Beginners Handbook – Ballroom to Barroom
  14. 101 Stories of the Great Ballets: the Scene-by-scene Stories of the Most Popular Ballets, Old and New
  15. What the Eye Hears: A History of Tap Dancing
  16. Basic Principles of Classical Ballet
  17. The Colourful World of Ballet
  18. Conditioning for Dance: Training for Whole-Body Coordination and Efficiency
  19. The Tap Dance Dictionary
  20. How to Teach Beginning Ballet: The First Three Years
  21. Dance : A Creative Art Experience
  22. Ballet & Modern Dance: A Concise History
  23. The Souls of Your Feet: A Tap Dance Guidebook for Rhythm Explorers
  24. The Art of Making Dances
  25. Classic Ballet : Basic Technique and Terminology
  26. The Illustrated Dance Technique of José Limón
  27. Ballet: The Definitive Illustrated Story
  28. Talk About Contemporary Dance
  29. The Dancer’s Foot Book
  30. Classical Ballet Technique
  31. The Dancer Prepares: Modern Dance for Beginners
  32. Tap Dance Fundamentals for Higher Education
  33. Creative Dance for All Ages
  34. The Pointe Book: Shoes, Training, Technique
  35. Beginning Modern Dance
  36. Ballet Basics
  37. Dance Production and Management
  38. Jump into Jazz: The Basics and Beyond for Jazz Dance Students
  39. Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance
  40. In the Wings: Behind the Scenes at the New York City Ballet
  41. Inside Tap: Technique and Improvisation for Today’s Tap Dancer
  42. Contact Improvisation : An Introduction to a Vitalizing Dance Form
  43. Language of Ballet: A Dictionary
  44. Tapping The Source: Tap Dance Stories, Theory And Practice
  45. Dance Technique of Lester Horton
  46. Dance Composition
  47. How to Teach Preschool Ballet:: A Guidebook for Teachers
  48. The Essential Guide to Tap Dance
  49. Beginning Jazz Dance
  50. Dance Units for Middle School

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