DWTS Switch Up Week: Dancing With The Stars Week 5 Recap

This week was Switch Up Week. I found it interesting to see the stars with different partners. Maksim Chmerkovskiy was the guest judge.

The first couple was Wanya and Witney with a tango to “Hold Back The River.” I loved Wanya’s blue shirt. It was a difficult routine and I enjoyed it, especially the dramatic ending. The judges gave it two 8’s and two 7’s for a total score of 30.

Kim and Keo were next doing a Viennese waltz to “These Arms Of Mine.” There was great chemistry between these two. It was beautiful and steamy at the same time. Carrie Ann called it “delicious” and I can’t argue with that. Carrie Ann and Bruno gave them 8’s and Maks and Len gave 6’s. Their total was 28 out of 40.

Doug and Peta did a tango to “Black And Gold.” I liked it. Doug was determined to get it right and it showed. Maks called it “pedestrian.” They got four 7’s for a total score of 28.

The next dance was a salsa to “La Maianga” with Ginger and Mark. Ginger’s costume was gorgeous, a skimpy bright yellow fringed number. Mark had a bright yellow shirt and headband. Their dance was fast and fun. Carrie Ann called it “liquid sunshine.” They received four 8’s totaling 32, the highest score so far.

Antonio and Karina were up next with a cha cha to “Son Of A Preacher Man.” Antonio’s flip was fabulous! He wore a beautiful sequined jacket and their facials were great. It was a high energy dance and I loved it! The judges did not. Len said it was short on technique and was too much bump and grind. I guess I like bump and grind. Carrie Ann and Bruno gave 7’s and Maks and Len gave 6’s. Their total of 26 was the lowest at that point.

Paige and Sasha danced the rumba to “Perfect.” Paige is a really great dancer no matter who her partner is. Her dress was a lovely light pink with sequins. Bruno called the dance “sensual and romantic” and I agree. Maks gave them a 7 and the other judges gave 8’s for a 31.

Von and Lindsay were next with a country jive to “Hips.” He was dressed like a cowboy, kicked his heels in the air and jumped over Lindsay. It was a high energy dance but not Von’s best. With an 8 from Carrie and three 7’s, their total score was 29.

Nyle and Sharna did a Viennese waltz to “I Get To Love You.” It was beautiful, flowing, very moving and just great! There was some confusion over the scores but they ended up with a 37.

Jodie and Val were the final dancers. They did a paso doble to “Under Control.” The chemistry between them was amazing and the ending was great! Three 9’s and an 8 were given for a total of 35.

Maks is an even stricter judge than Len but much hotter. No one had to leave this week. I’m enjoying all these dancers and I don’t want anyone to leave. With the lowest score, Antonio is vulnerable. I can’t wait to find out what next week will bring.