Celebrating Disney with Ballroom Dancing: Dancing With The Stars Week 4 Recap

This week DWTS was celebrating Disney. I expected an exceptional show and I wasn’t disappointed. Zendaya was the guest judge which seemed in keeping with the theme.

Antonio and Sharna led off with a very entertaining jazz dance to “A Friend Like Me.” It was complete with a kick line and I simply loved it! The judges did too and Len even said this was Antonio’s best dance. Len gave them an 8 and the other judges gave 9’s for a total of 35.

Marla and Tony did a waltz to “A Part Of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid.” The underwater special effects were fantastic. I loved Marla’s green gown. I also liked their dance more than the judges did since they got four 7’s for a 28.

Nyle and Peta did a samba to a song from “Tarzan.” The costumes weren’t attractive but fit Tarzan and Jane. I loved Nyle’s back flip! I think it’s incredible how well he dances without being able to hear a single beat. Carrie Ann and Len gave them 8’s and Zendaya and Bruno gave 9’s for a 34 total.

Doug and Karina did a jazz dance to “A Spoonful Of Sugar” from “Mary Poppins.” They were in costume, the dance was fast and the choreography was clever. Doug had trouble with his hat and was out of sync at times although he really got it together at the end. They received four 6’s for a total of 24 out of 40. Based upon last week’s viewer votes and this week’s score they were safe.

Kim and Sasha did a quickstep to “Jungle Book.” The dance was fast and entertaining. Kim wore another floor length skirt which made me wonder. They got four 8’s for a total of 32.

Jodie and Keo did a cha cha from “Utopia.” I loved her purple costume which went well with his hot pink shirt. It was a fast and high energy dance but Jodie made some mistakes. She said later she couldn’t hear the music. With one 6 and three 7’s they received a score of 27.

Von and Witney did a Viennese waltz to a song from “Cinderella.” Witney’s blue sequined gown was perfectly beautiful. They were challenged by the height discrepancy but the dance was graceful. With four scores of 8 their total was 32.

Ginger and Val did a foxtrot to a number from “Beauty and The Beast.” Wearing a lovely blue dress, Ginger actually looked just like Belle from a distance. There was a lot going on and it was fun to watch. They received a 9 from each judge to total 36.

Wanya and Lindsay danced a samba from “Lion King.” Their costumes were very creative and gave them the appearance of being lions. I thought the dance was very compelling. Carrie Ann gave them an 8 and the other judges gave 9’s. Their total was 35.

Paige and Mark were the last to dance a quickstep to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from “Toy Story.” It was a fast dance and a lot of fun to watch. Receiving 9’s from each judge, their total was 36.

Marla and Tony were the couple to leave. I’m sorry to see them go. Tony is a favorite and Marla is a good dancer who seemed to be enjoying all of this.

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