best dance lightroom presets for mobile and desktop

7 Best Dance Lightroom Presets

If you’re a dancer, dance studio owner or dance teacher, you definitely want your photos to stand out on social media.

One easy way to add just the right gorgeous look is through using Lightroom presets.

Lightroom presets are kind of like Instagram photos, except that you can use them for any photos (such as for Facebook posts, your website, etc).

You can use Lightroom presets with the free Lightroom mobile app, which is available for iPhone and Android.  If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you can use Lightroom on your computer (desktop or laptop).

With Lightroom presets, you can change the look of your photo with literally one click. It’s that simple!

Depending on the preset, you can brighten a photo, bring out the pinks, soften the image, etc.

We’ve put together a list of the best Lightroom presets for dancers. Take a look at the presets and find which one or ones will be perfect for you or your studio!

Please note that some Lightroom presets work for just mobile or desktop while others come in both versions – make sure you check to see if it’s the type you want.

  1. Ballet Slipper Lightroom Preset – This preset brings out the pinks and also adds warmth to your images.
  2. Ballet Lightroom Presets Bundle – You’ll get 4 different Lightroom mobile presets with this bundle: Pink,¬†matte blue, matte brown & vivid.
  3. Ballet Artistic Presets – Whether it’s for a recital, competition or classroom dance photography, these presets are perfect for dancers. You’ll get a total of 15 presets for Lightroom (and for Photoshop).
  4. Grace Lightroom Preset – This stylish preset is perfect for dance and ballet photography (as well as fashion).
  5. Dance: A Matte Concert Preset – Do you have low light dance photos, such as of stage performances? Then these presets are for you! The pack includes 3 different presets in both mobile and desktop versions.
  6. Audrey Lightroom Preset – Designed for dance and fashion, this lovely preset adds a matte effect and also brings the focus to the center of the image – perfect for when you want to focus on a dancer or dancers!
  7. The Fairytale Collection Lightroom Preset Pack – This bundle of 20 presets was inspired by fairytales, childhood wonders and, of course, dancing. It’s an excellent way to add a lovely look and feel to your dance photos.

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Elizabeth Emery is a former dance studio owner. She owned Dancers Unite in Charlotte, NC for 6 years, where she helped run the studio as well as taught dance classes six days a week. She sold her studio to one of her teachers and now dedicates her time helping other dance studio owners as well as dance teachers with her new business, Dance Teacher Finder, which helps pair dance studios with dance instructors. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and double majored in Business Economics and Marketing. Elizabeth currently splits her time between Charlotte, North Carolina and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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