Ballroom Dancing to Music Icons: Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Recap

This week’s episode of Dancing With The Stars was paying tributes to music icons.  The couples had to perform two dances and it was a double elimination.

Jodie and Keo were the first couple up doing a quickstep to “For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder.  Jodie wore a gorgeous yellow gown.  It was a high energy dance and I liked her facials.  Carrie Ann gave them an 8 and Len and Bruno gave 9’s for a total of 26 out of 30.

Kim and Sasha were up next dancing to the Jackson 5.  Kim talked about knowing the Jacksons and being friends with Janet.  Their samba was fast and high energy and I enjoyed it.  One part was glow in the dark.  They received three 9’s for 27 total points.

Nyle and Peta did a foxtrot to “It’s A Beautiful Day” by U2.  Peta wore a lovely light pink sequined gown and Nyle wore light pink pants and vest.  Their dance was beautiful and very elegant.  They got a 10 from Carrie Ann and two 9’s for a total of 28.

Antonio and Sharna were next with a tango to “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones.  The dance was hard to watch with smoke and lights.  At one point their feet were obscured.  There was just a creepy feel to it.  Antonio and Sharna had great attitude.  Sharna had a wardrobe malfunction with the top part of her costume during the routine.

Antonio said, “Go hard or go home and I’m going hard because I don’t want to go home.”  The judges criticized their footwork but I didn’t see any mistakes there.  They received three 8’s and ended up with 24, the lowest score so far.

Wanya and Lindsay did a foxtrot to “Say A Little Prayer” by Dionne Warwick.  Lindsay wore a beautiful blue sequined dress and Wanya wore a blue suit with sequined lapels.  Their dance was beautiful.  Len described it as “a feeling of joyfulness.”  Three 9’s were given for a total of 27.

Ginger and Val did a Viennese waltz to “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.  Ginger wore a lovely white gown.  Val and Ginger had a lot of chemistry.  Their dance was beautiful, graceful and elegant with a great ending.  Bruno said it was Ginger’s best dance so far.  They received a perfect score of 30, the first of the season.

Von and Witney performed a samba to Elvis.  Von did an Elvis impersonation which made me laugh.  He wore a white Elvis type suit with gold accents.  Their dance was fast with great lifts.  Three 8’s gave them 24 which tied for the lowest score.

Paige and Mark danced a jive to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner.  Paige wore a beautiful sequined red costume and Mark was in a red suit.  Their dance was fast, fun and high energy.  The crowd seemed to love it as much as I did and they received a perfect score of 30.

The second dance was a group dance with the men versus the women.  The men were Team James Brown and the women were Team Beyonce.

Von, Antonio, Nyle and Wanya and their partners danced first.  They all had on gold lame jackets.  I really enjoyed their dance.  There was so much going on and it was a lot of fun to watch.  They got two 9’s and a 10 from the judges for a total of 28.

Jodie, Kim, Paige and Ginger danced next.  Their dance was good although their turns weren’t together.  I might have liked it more if it had been first but I think it suffered in comparison to the men’s dance.  They received a total score of 25.

The couples in jeopardy were Kim and Sasha, Wanya and Lindsay and Von and Witney.  They announced that Wanya and Lindsay were safe.  Von and Witney and Kim and Sasha were out.  And now I’m wondering what next week will bring for the remaining couples.

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