Ballroom Dancing Is Addictive: Dancing With The Stars Week 3 Recap

I wasn’t going to get addicted to this show again. Just planned to watch the first few shows to see who the celebrities were and who was good at this. Good intentions count for nothing. I’m hooked again.

There were more celebrities I knew this time and I liked that. I really enjoy Erin Andrews and she adds a lot to my enjoyment of this show.

Last night’s episode was fun to watch. First couple up was Ginger and Val doing a contemporary dance to “Home.” I really liked her smile and that added to her dance. She and Val got three votes of 7 for a total of 21.

I like Doug Flutie and admire him for going so far out of his comfort zone with dancing. He and Karina did a waltz and I was very surprised at how well he did. This was his best dance to date IMO.  They received 7’s from Carrie Ann and Bruno and a 6 from Len for a 20.

Kim and Sasha performed a foxtrot to “Facts Of Life.” I did not like her floor length skirt but that may have been to hide something. Carrie Ann gave the dance an 8 with 7’s from Len and Bruno resulting in a total of 22.

Von and Witney next did a contemporary dance. I was surprised at how graceful he was despite his height and the height discrepancy between him and Witney. Their dance earned two 7’s and a 6 from the judges with 20 as the total.

Marla Maples is a really good dancer. She and Tony did a jive to “Happy” which I enjoyed. I also liked the bright yellow in their costumes. I thought the judges were stingy with three 7’s for a 21 point total.

Antonio Brown, Jr., stole the show IMHO. Darling just darling! Antonio, Sr, and Sharna did a foxtrot to “7 Years.” The judges underscored this dance with 7’s from Bruno and Carrie and a 6 from Len for 20.

Paige is really good and a very hard worker. She and Mark did a paso doble which I really enjoyed. Bruno and Carrie Ann gave them 8’s with a 7 from Len. Their total was 23.

I watched Jodie Sweetin grow up on “Full House” and I was moved by her story of her turbulent teen years. She and Keo did a foxtrot to “Rise Up.” The judges gave her the same as Paige and Mark with a 23 point total.

Mischa and Artem performed a Samba to “Party In The USA.” The judges were kind and they got three 6’s for a total of 18.

Wayna is a great dancer and I’ve been impressed with every dance. He did not disappoint tonight as he and Lindsay did a waltz. The judges gave them a total of 24 which was the highest yet.

The show saved the best for last with Nyle and Peta’s tango. Nyle was amazing and the dance was so fast. Their total score was 25 which was the highest of the night. The judges said they were safe and they certainly should have been.

Mischa and Artem were the couple to leave the show which was not a surprise. Based on tonight’s show, Doug Flutie may be the one to leave next week.

This show is back to being my guilty pleasure. I spent too much time voting and can’t wait for Week 4.

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