We are looking for a high-energy, highly responsible hip hop instructor for all ages. Experience in classroom management is a must- Positive vibes only! Faculty member should be adept at teaching all levels and ages. All classes require choreography for two performances per school year, August-June. Competition team, and summer weekly work may also be available.

Please send resumes and references to cara@primadanceaz.com, thank you!

About Prima Dance Arizona

We are a highly focused studio in North Scottsdale. We offer quality training for dancers of all ages and abilities, and maintain high expectations for all of our classes and faculty. Many of our students enjoy dancing recreationally, while some are more serious and dance at the competitive level.  Our classrooms are encouraging, positive, and disciplined.  We take our responsibilities as role models very seriously; our first priority is to provide a positive example through discipline, structure, and mutual respect.