The Napa Valley Ballet, a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization, is looking for a ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary instructor or instructors. Must be experienced teaching all levels of dance; be confident in teaching all abilities. The ideal canidate will bring a strong sense of technique and fun to our classes.

This position requires light office and computer skills, interaction with parents and guardians, and some public relations. NVB is looking for someone who is reliable, friendly and positive.

The focus of our program is to train students for performance and/or related careers in dance, and to give all students the experience of appreciating dance as an art form.

Qualifications:Previous experience in dance teaching and performance. Strong classroom management skills. Ability to build rapport with students. Strong leadership qualities.

Applicants must have at least 3 years of dance experience or a dance degree

About Napa Valley Ballet Academy

Napa Valley Ballet is dedicated to enriching the youth of our community by providing a quality classical ballet school for those seeking an education in dance. We are committed to maintaining high standards of technical training, fostering the love for ballet as an art form, and promoting individual growth, respect, and personal discipline. The quality of our program is designed for both the serious student seeking a career in dance or teaching as well as for the student who wants the benefits of ballet training that will last a lifetime.

Napa Valley Ballet was founded by and is operated by our families. We are a 50l (3)c nonprofit organizatio