Job Description:
The ideal candidate is experienced as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. This position involves teaching classical ballet technique as well as choreographing for the annual student production. Required skills include a thorough knowledge of classical ballet technique and ballet pedagogy for dance programming for students ranging in age from pre-school and above. The successful candidate holds a degree in dance and/or equivalent and has at least two years experience of teaching dance.


Duties and Responsibilities:
– To instill a love of learning in children by fostering healthy curiosity about the world around them and encouraging exploration and discovery through dance education.
– Prepare and teach stimulating classes in classical ballet for recreational purposes and/or to prepare students for a professional career in dance; Plan, prepare and deliver lesson plans and syllabi; Explain and demonstrate proper techniques; Ability to connect and capture students’ attention, deliver information clearly, concisely and effectively; Establish and communicate clear objectives.
– Create choreography for annual year-end student production, select accompanying music and coordinating costume.
– Maintain student attendance records.
– Nurture each student to maximize his/her balletic potential.
– Assessment and support of individual student learning styles.
– Utilize differentiated instruction to support all students according to their accommodations and learning styles.
– Ensuring a culture of rigor and discipline.
– The sensitive handling of students’ emotional needs, giving constructive criticism, encouragement and confidence.
– Create a welcoming, healthy and safe learning environment for all students to grow and learn by setting class-based rules and boundaries that are centered on mutual respect and understanding of our core values.
– Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school.
– Collaboration with other members of the faculty and staff, work collectively will colleagues to meet the needs of all students.
– Participation in faculty and staff meetings.
– Attend and assist at annual year-end student dance production.
– Effective and timely communication in person and through email with varied school directors and colleagues.
– Support of school-wide initiatives and programs.
– To support colleagues and work whole-heartedly for the good of the school.
– Work reflectively to set goals, receive constructive feedback and try new strategies to improve student achievement.


– RAD certified and registered.
– Knowledge on ISTD modern or tap is an advantage AND/OR other performing arts qualifications.
– Pleasant personality, exhibit a sunny outlook, energetic and organized behavior.
– Strong work ethic, professional.
– Love for children, role model and mentor.
– Leadership, strong sense of self, confidence, and a comprehensive knowledge of company goals.
– Reliable, accountable, responsible.
– Adaptability and flexibility.
– High professional and personal standards of work and of conduct.
– Emotional maturity, good judgment.
– Able to control groups of pupils.
– Good sense of music.
– Ability to motivate others.
– Understanding health and safety.
– Physically fit.
– Dedication and passion for dancing.
– Able to work with people of all ages.
– Continuous personal and professional development.
– Work independently or as part of a team.
– Effective communication skills.
– Basic computer skills (email, internet navigation).
– Willingness to work with special needs students is an advantage.

About Motion Studios of Performing Arts

Established in 2015.

Motion Studios of Performing Arts is a powerhouse for leading the way in performing arts in one of Abu Dhabi’s most exciting, innovative performing arts studios, offering an extensive range of classes for young people and adults, whilst giving them the widest possible opportunities.

Our activity reaches beyond our facility. We play a significant role in our community, with specially devised projects, including those who are disadvantaged or may feel excluded.

Motion Studios of Performing Arts has a vital role to play in performing arts development in the UAE. We provide the space and conditions needed to keep the arts alive, as well as to attain greater profile and integration worldwide.

Our plans build upon our history of achievement, underpinned by our flexible business model enabling us to continually adapt our activity to meet the changing needs of the performing arts sector at all levels.

We are committed to developing new and enhanced ways of engaging participants and audiences whilst continuing to focus strongly on building a sustainable future for performing arts in the UAE. Through all of our work, we are committed to transforming and enriching lives through performing arts.

The richness of our knowledge and experience, and the diversity of our work, place us in a key position to be the voice of performing arts.

Our Vision: To be the best performing arts company in the UAE.

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