We have worked for five years in the North Chicago/Waukegan area finding talented students who were not afforded the opportunity to develop or pursue their love of dance and we have created a dance team and finally acquired a studio. We do this all on a volunteer basis and our students have exceeded where we can take them-we now need a pointe teacher , a acro teacher, and a advanced jazz teacher.

We have some funding to pay and our students are amazing to work with-they are with us because they really want to be there.

About Golden essence Performing Arts Studio

We are a non profit organization . We run after school theatre arts programs cumulating in a holiday and spring performance. We perform at boys and girls club -schools- and the VA hospital.

We have developed a  small dance team.  We believe students may learn discipline-commitment -and team building through their dance commitment. Four of our students are presently freshman in college prep high schools- all beginning with us four years ago and receiving academic scholarships  to high school.  We are looking to expand and grow our program and need talented teachers to take our students to the next level. We are just building a website and establishing a social media presence- this should be up within the next few weeks.