Ballet Kukan Academy is a classical ballet school in the center of San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. We are located in Monrovia, California. We offer Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop. We are currently looking for a part time teacher who is good at teaching Pre-Schoolers. Our method is with Royal Academy of Dance. 

The teacher should be reliable and responsible. The teacher should have good experience with young children, and know how to deal with the creativity and mentality of young fellows. The punctuality is a must.

In general, if the teacher has a qualification of RAD system or know RAD syllabus, that will be the best, however, we accept the equal and/or similar qualifications. If the teacher does not have any knowledge of RAD, then, s/he may be asked to learn RAD contents and follow the style.

If the teacher’s experience is short, we accept them as apprentice teacher.

The position may open immediately.