Hello Dance & Ftiness Instructors,

Houston Dance Factory is currently looking for Business Partners / Associates for the next coming year 2022.

Do you love to teach? Is your goal is to have your own dance studio one day? Do you see yourself teaching dance or fitness 7 days out of the week?

Do you have a following & want more? Well, the Houston Dance Factory is providing an opportunity to make your dreams happen.

We have the following options for those interested…

1) You can work by terms of contract (Winter – Spring: Jan to May / Summer: Jun & Jul / Fall – Winter: Aug – Dec)

2) You can work as a partner 50/50 (More details as we talk in person)

3) You can rent space (You do all the work. We just rent the space for you to build your business)

If this interests you, please contact us. We look forward to talking to you.

About Houston Dance Factory LLC

The Houston Dance Factory opened in February 2008 and is during that time the studio was voted "Best Dance Studio in the City" by the Houston Press in 2012. Also, voted "Top 10 Best Dance Program for Kids In The City" by Mommynearest in 2017.

Houston Dance Factory takes pride in providing a fun place where people of all ages can learn, stay healthy, meet new people with a common interest, and offer classes that are more affordable than other facilities. Houston Dance Factory is pleased with its qualified dance instructors and seeks to provide a wonderful learning environment for all students.

Houston Dance Factory is more than just a dance studio, we are a way of life, and insist on treating all students, instructors, and dancers with respect. Houston Dance Factory hopes to make a positive difference in people's lives through the joy of dance and to build better dancers in a school that works for YOU!