About The Studio School of Dance

The Studio School of Dance believes that dance provides a foundation for success in life. The skills learned in the dance classroom transfer to other areas of a student’s life. Dance classes increase the child’s well-being by improving his/her physical development and intellectual skills and by increasing self-discipline.

The Studio subscribes to teaching through positive reinforcement and nurturing in order to produce a life-long respect and love for dance, as well as very happy and well-trained young dancers. It encourages the stimulation and cultivation of the creative nature of the student through dance education.

Our students learn in a pleasant environment with small classes favorable to their dance education. It has a high standard of class instruction, workshops, masterclasses, and special guest instructors.

The Studio promotes an atmosphere of excitement and fun while never drifting from the true professionalism and discipline required to becoming proficient in the art of dance. Its students are given an opportunity to discover their own potential, not only as dancers but as choreographers and teachers.

We are aware that the demands of the dance art form ensure that not all students will succeed in attaining a professional career, yet the quality of our instruction at all levels meets a high standard.