About The Dance Loft SF

We at the Dance Loft consult with you and your partner on how to keep the fire in your romance alive while dancing. Val, the owner, is a certified couples coach and uses her breadth of knowledge and experience in that realm to design her signature Partner Flow program. We also assist in making the most of your particular dance floor, finding the perfect length of your song, offering options of how to pose at the end of your dance for your photographer and even how to recover after making a mistake. Simply put, we take into account all the variables that can occur at your event to ensure as smooth an experience as possible.

While most lessons in the city are taught in large studios where you must share the floor and music with many other couples, we teach in the comfort of our private dance studio where there are beautiful hardwood floors, full length windows, mirrors and a great view of the city.

Located in San Francisco’s new Dogpatch, the neighborhood offers wine bars, cafes, and restaurants to make an evening out of your lesson.