About The Ballet & Performing Arts Centre

About The Ballet & Performing Arts Centre

The Ballet & Performing Arts Centre has been inspiring young dancers and audiences in Forsyth County for over 20 years.

Over the years, BPAC has earned a reputation in the community as a beacon of excellence in dance education and production. BPAC is renowned for its strong dancers, unparalleled faculty, and for offering a diverse array of disciplines and repertoire ranging from beautiful classics such as The Nutcracker to thought-provoking, creative works that push the boundaries of ballet.

BPAC is dedicated to expanding the reach of dance and performing arts while inspiring and transforming our student's lives. Arts education empowers one's character by instilling creativity, self-esteem, discipline and responsibility. At BPAC, these principles will become a part of each student for life.

We are so very proud of the many bright young dancers who have graduated our studio with solid work ethics, personal integrity, and a positive sense of self.

In a continued effort to contribute to the enhanced reputation and ever-increasing quality of life in our community; The Ballet & Performing Arts Centre is committed to challenge, stimulate, educate, entertain, and thereby enrich our students and audiences.

We proudly call BPAC a family and invite you to join it!