About Motion Studios of Performing Arts

Motion Studios of Performing Arts is a powerhouse for leading the way in performing arts in one of Abu Dhabi’s most exciting, innovative performing arts studios, offering an extensive range of classes for young people and adults, whilst giving them the widest possible opportunities.

Our activity reaches beyond our facility. We play a significant role in our community, with specially devised projects, including those who are disadvantaged or may feel excluded.

Motion Studios of Performing Arts has a vital role to play in performing arts development in the UAE. We provide the space and conditions needed to keep the arts alive, as well as to attain greater profile and integration worldwide.

Our plans build upon our history of achievement, underpinned by our flexible business model enabling us to continually adapt our activity to meet the changing needs of the performing arts sector at all levels.

We are committed to developing new and enhanced ways of engaging participants and audiences whilst continuing to focus strongly on building a sustainable future for performing arts in the UAE. Through all of our work, we are committed to transforming and enriching lives through performing arts.

The richness of our knowledge and experience, and the diversity of our work, place us in a key position to be the voice of performing arts.

Our Vision: To be the best performing arts company in the UAE.

Our Mission: To deliver the UAE’s most remarkable performing art experiences.