About MoonLight Dance Studio

  • Duties and Responsibilities
    Engage new students in conversation to determine their dance form learning interest.
    Provide students with information regarding the different dance forms, and their execution.
    Serve as a recreation leader by developing, supervising, and conducting various types of dance lessons, on an individual and group basis.
    Teach various dance techniques at different levels, for both young students and adults.
    Provide both leadership and vision in teaching all areas of the dance curriculum, such as techniques, theory, and performance.
    Create and maintain active and collaborative relationships with students, encouraging them to succeed in learning desired dance forms.
    Develop different teaching plans for all students, based on their specific requirements and interests.
    Design formative and summative assessments, ensuring that they are aligned with the long term objectives of the dance course.
    Provide instruction to students, correct their techniques, and assist struggling students on a one on one basis.
    Educate students about the background of each dance form that they are learning, by providing them with historical and cultural references.