About Haraka Center for Movement Arts

About The Center:

HARAKA CENTER FOR MOVEMENT ARTS (HCMA) is a space where you can just be. The center is for women of all ages, dance backgrounds, and levels, to explore and express their passion to move.

We will teach our students technique, creativity, and improvisation to cultivate their artistic expression. Movement is the basis of all our attempts to communicate and connect with each other. We will help you find and harness your movement language, by learning how to use your body, take risks, and really let go. The classes will focus on building a solid foundation in the disciplines of ballet, modern, contemporary dance, other dance styles, and movement-based classes.

Our purpose is to support our students in search of their individuality and ultimately inspire a society of risk-takers who redefine their artistry beyond the center.

  • Dance Educator: Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary Dance

    Haraka Center for Movement Arts We are a space for all to be &express ourselves through movement
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