Good Day from UKmovez!

My name is Simon Castle and my wife Danielle and I own UKmovez, here in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

My wife was a dancer in England and I was a sound engineer. And upon moving back here and seeing the ‘standards’ on the island..

Our goal became clear, to bring the very best professional technique, education, and standards to the island. And it’s worked!

Our second year we added a music dept and now in our fourth we’ve added a Theatre dept, We are the triple threat Academy.

We are very proud and humbled that 4 years in and our Academy is becoming the biggest on the island. We are looking for the right person with the right attitude to join our growing business. There is nothing but opportunities, from competitions, to shows, to festivals and our own Academy’s show.

(There is Assistant manager / administrative work as well should the applicant wish to truly get involved.)

Ideally, the applicant is also comfortable with:Lyrical/Modern/Contemporary. As this would greatly increase earnings.
*The applicant would also be RAD or equivalent certified.

Knowing it will be a move for the employee, we will help make the transition as smooth as possible to the island.

If you wish to be a part of an Academy that really is putting the arts back on the map!!

Please apply today!!

Thanks for your time and interest in our Academy..

Simon&Danielle Castle

Ukmovez Dance Academy