We are looking for brilliant and committed individuals who are passionate about their work, adore teaching children and sharing their love of dance. Applicants should be an engaging and fun teacher who have high expectations and are dedicated to creating dancers of all ages and levels. An individual who will use their organisational talents to ensure each class is well prepared and taught with the age group in mind while bringing their skills and talents to our students. Most importantly we are looking for teachers who are diligent, extremely reliable, who have a friendly disposition and are a dedicated team player.

Academy Faculty Qualifications:

✧ Have a degree in dance education or previous professional experience.

✧ Have experience working with children in an education setting.

✧ Have a passion for children and the performing arts.

✧ Aim for excellence in their teaching and strive to receive outstanding feedback from parents, students, and team.

✧ Build strong connections with students and their families.

✧ Thrive to provide an engaging and inspiring class experience every day.

✧Believe in continuous education for themselves and growing as an educator.

✧ Are eager for the challenge of working with students at different stages, levels, and abilities.

✧Are willing and able to make a 2 – 3 year or longer commitment to teaching at The Dance Academy, barring the unexpected.

✧Care about being part of a team and will enthusiastically participate in all team trainings and contribute to the living of the studio values across every touchpoint in the student experience

✧If this feels like an opportunity that would make your career dreams come true, please visit thedance-academy.com/employmentopportunites and fill out our application. Thank you!

About The Dance Academy

The Academy has a 30 year plus history of helping our students succeed. All achievements no matter how big or small are important milestones to be celebrated in our students lives.

We believe that dance has the power to unlock so much potential—creatively, academically, socially, and more—for now and for rest of your life. Our passion is to help our students discover the full potential of dance in their life.  We passionately believe in the following values for our students, faculty and student families….

Community ✧ Personal Responsibility ✧ Confidence ✧ Finding Hidden Potential ✧ Inspiring Excellence ✧ Realizing Success