The Academy of Performance Arts is looking for a ballet instructor for our upcoming fall season (school year). As a relatively new dance studio here in St. Pete Beach, we are focused on meeting our community’s need for a place where any age can learn any style of dance. With more and more students asking for ballet classes we will need more teachers.

Our ideal ballet instructor is adept at understanding the skill levels of the students, motivates them to focus on form and technique, teaches them how to use the mind/body connection to make movement into art, and most importantly… to enjoy doing it.
As former performance artists ourselves, we place strong emphasis on strength and technique across our entire dance curriculum. Concurrently, we pride ourselves on being fun-focused and the combination proves to be stimulating and engaging… and our dance students always want more. Our ideal dance instructor will also adhere to our high standards of safety as we are known in our community for creating a safe, nurturing environment for all performers who place their trust in us.

About The Academy of Performance Arts

The The Academy of Performance Arts is an educational facility that strives to put children of all ages interested in the arts, directly in touch with the arts. Hosting classes in Music, Dance, Acting, and Art, the studio allows students of all ages to find and develop their inner creative selves.The Academy of Performance Arts Dance Studio