Latin Dance Instructor at Tempo Dance Studio, Jordan

Are you passionate about spreading the joy of Latin dance? Tempo Dance Studio in Jordan is seeking a dynamic and talented Salsa & Bachata Instructor to join our vibrant team! As a key member, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the Latin dance scene in Jordan, fostering a community of enthusiastic dancers with positive vibes.


Teach Dance Classes: Conduct engaging and high-energy Salsa and Bachata classes, catering to students of all levels.

  • Salsa Weekly Night: Lead and contribute to our weekly Salsa night, creating a lively atmosphere for dancers to enjoy and learn.
  • Participate in Dance Shows: Showcase your talent in dance shows, events, and festivals, contributing to the cultural richness of our dance community.
  • Build a Community: Foster a positive and inclusive dance community, encouraging camaraderie and a shared love for Latin dance.


  • Proven 4+ years experience as a Salsa & Bachata Instructor.
  • Passion for teaching and inspiring students to embrace the art of Latin dance.
  • Ability to work 5 days a week, 6 hours a day.

Why Join Us:

  • Be part of an exciting dance community in the heart of Jordan.
  • Collaborate with a passionate team of dance enthusiasts.
  • Opportunities to showcase your talent in local and international events.
  • If you’re ready to make a mark in the Latin dance scene in Jordan and create unforgettable dance experiences, we want to hear from you! Apply now and let’s dance towards a vibrant future together at Tempo Dance Studio!

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About Tempo Dance Academy

Tempo Dance Center is a franchised dance company, catering to the artistic community in Amman & Dubai, opening its doors to present the finest talents in the dance ,fitness and entertainment business .