Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts center is looking for dedicated, creative teachers to teach various styles of dance for all ages.

Teachers must be organized, disciplined yet fun-loving and spontaneous. Must  be able to work independently and as part of a team.  Teachers will work directly  with artistic director and owner in implementing curriculum.

Teachers must love teaching and have a passion to share their knowledge and joy of dance with others. Trained in various  dance forms  and able to teach various ages a plus!

Please send resume and cover letter telling us why you want to be part of the Studio Sharise Family.

Thank you


About Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Center

Discover and Grow Your Artist Within

Studio Sharise  Creative and Performing Arts Center is  located above the Historical Burbank Theatre and is dedicated to bringing the fun and challenge of the arts to San Jose.  Not just a "Triple Threat", we are a  "Multiple Threat" studio training aspiring performers and artists in dance, acting, singing, music and the visual arts.  Studio Sharise focuses on developing technical mastery, performance excellence and artistic expression in all students.  We also encourage creativity in the non-performer, help wake up latent  creative passions in the older population and allow the young to explore their artistic creativity.


Our Mission & Vision

Here at Studio Sharise, our mission is simple: to offer quality, top-notch training and allow the exploration of individual, creative expression in both the performer and non-performer, the artist and those who just want to dabble - all in an encouraging, positive and inspiring environment. Our vision is to see our students excel in their training and give them the confidence, tools and training needed to perform and participate in stage and film productions. Students also have the opportunity to use their talents and hone their skills while working in productions produced by Sharise's company, Mariposa Productions llc, along with other production companies in both the Northern California and LA areas.
Why Studio Sharise Creative and Performing Arts Center?

Process over Product! That's what you'll find at Studio Sharise.
Though our students prepare for productions, we believe the process of learning is more important. Focusing on process allows students to feel free to learn, explore, create, and make mistakes without the pressure of performance perfection

At Studio Sharise we support and nurture the love and joy the creative and performing arts can bring! We believe that creative freedom is as important as proper technique, and through the use of holistic, mind-body training, students are encouraged to develop their individual, artistic expression while gaining technical mastery.  At our studio we provide quality education and are committed to inspire, train and develop students of all ages and levels. Though personal excellence and commitment is expected, at Studio Sharise you won't find any knuckle smacking, but support in discovering and growing your artist within.

We also know that it is not just about developing the artist, it's about helping develop the individual person.  At Studio Sharise, we understand the responsibility of any teacher is to not only mold bodies, but to mold minds - and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Whether it's through our "Incredible You" weeks, during classes, or goal setting times, we want our students to learn to value themselves- to see how unique and beautiful they are and help them build the confidence and self - esteem that they need to succeed in their art, and more importantly, their lives.  Safety is our priority and all staff/ teachers go through background checks with the Department of Justice to assure that Studio Sharise is a safe environment for all!

Class sizes are limited assuring students receive one-on-one attention in every class and, with so many classes to choose from, you are certain to gain a full and rich experience and  a well rounded education in the arts.  Experience our vibrant arts community devoted to professionalism and excellence in all that we do
All students, no matter their goals, are treated equally and given the same quality of training and opportunities.

Come on In!