🌟 Seeking Versatile Dance Teacher in Sunny Abu Dhabi! 🌟

Do you have a passion for dance? Are you an extraordinary instructor ready to share your talents with a vibrant community? We are looking for a versatile and dynamic dance teacher who can captivate students with their skills in Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap and Acro.


At Rise Center, we pride ourselves on nurturing creativity, safe teaching practices that are grounded in technique, and creating a supportive environment for dancers of all ages. Located in beautiful Abu Dhabi, we strive to provide a platform for aspiring dancers to express themselves and develop their talents.


Join our exceptional team and let your artistry shine! Here’s what we’re seeking:


🎵 Versatility: As a dance teacher, you must have proficiency and experience in teaching Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap or Acro. We encourage instructors who are qualified and trained in the technique of their chosen genres.

🎵 Passion: We seek instructors who are truly passionate about dance and can inspire their students to develop their skills, express their individuality, and reach their full potential.


🎵 Experience: While we welcome diverse backgrounds, a proven track record in teaching dance is preferred. Show us your ability to lead engaging classes, choreograph captivating routines, and motivate students to excel.


🎵 Adaptability: As Abu Dhabi is a multicultural hub, the ability to cater to diverse learners in a culturally sensitive manner is essential. We value teachers who can tailor their approaches to ensure each student’s progress.


🎵 Positive Energy: Your vibrant personality and enthusiastic teaching style will contribute to our supportive dance community. We want someone who can connect with students and parents alike.


If you possess these qualities and are ready to join us in your teaching journey, we’d love to hear from you! Join us at Rise Center for Dance and Taekwondo and make a lasting impact on the dance scene in Abu Dhabi.


To apply, send your CV, a video showcasing your teaching skills, and a brief introduction to risecenterabudhabi@gmail.com . Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to inspire dancers while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of Abu Dhabi!

About Rise Center for Dance and Taekwondo

Rise Center for Dance and Taekwondo is a family run (Canadian Owned) business in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are in our 6th year of business with over 400 students.

Abu Dhabi is a fantastic, safe and warm place to live, with the UAE being a top rated place for expats to live year after year.