The Position:

The Jazz/Tap Dance Instructor position is a full-time, year-round teaching job covering Jazz and Tap.  The ideal candidate will have a strong background in dance, with a demonstrated ability to teach dance, exhibit excellent communication skills and be willing to work as part of a team. The Dance Instructor is responsible for teaching and choreography and for providing artistic and program support to the Reif Dance Program. The Dance Instructor reports to the Reif Director(s) of Dance.

Specific Responsibilities:

1.    Teaching at least 18 scheduled class hours per week when classes are in session (jazz, tap, modern, fundamentals and/or other).

2.    Choreographing and supporting three major dance performances each year (separate from class time).

3.    Developing and teaching from appropriate dance curricula

4.    Collaborating with the Director(s) on informal workshops, mini-tours and lecture demonstrations for the public throughout the year.

5.    Supporting the Dance Director(s) and other staff in student recruitment, registration, maintenance of attendance records, collecting payments, etc.

6.    Assisting the Director(s) in student placement evaluations.

7.    Planning and overseeing various Community Outreach projects

8.    Advising and consulting with the Dance Director on dance issues and program policy, including curriculum, class assignments and teaching schedules.

9.    Remaining knowledgeable about the overall goals, objectives and work plan of the Reif Arts Council, and attending weekly staff meetings.

10.  Supporting major events and activities of the Reif Arts Council, including fund raising and programming.

EMPLOYMENT: This is a full time position and hours will be somewhat irregular in the completion of duties.  This job description should not be considered a contract for employment for any specific period of time, or with any specific salary or benefits.  The Reif Arts Council is an at-will employer.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: The ideal candidate will have advanced training and preparation in one or more dance forms, with a demonstrated ability to teach Jazz and Tap.  She or he will relate well with dancers, especially young students.  Candidates with a teaching credential will have an advantage, as will candidates with performance experience or choreography credits.  Communication skills will be especially important in keeping parents involved.  All teachers must submit to a background check before working with students.

ANTICIPATED START DATE: The starting date is flexible, but not later than September 1, 2015.

SALARY RANGE: This is a full time position with a strong benefits package currently including paid vacation and health insurance. Salary is currently budgeted up to $30K, contingent upon experience.  The position may be filled by a couple


·         Submit a cover letter
·         Submit a current resume with three (3) references we may contact
·         Provide a sample of teaching and/or performing work, if available

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Review of applications will begin immediately, and the position will be open until filled.


David Marty, President
Reif Arts Council
720 NW Conifer Drive
Grand Rapids, MN  55744
Phone:  218.327.5780
E-mail:  dmarty@reifcenter.org



About Reif Dance


The Reif Dance Program started as a project of the Reif Arts Council in 1988 with a handful of students.  Today there are nearly 200 students starting as young a 4 years of age.  It is a ballet-based program, with strong modern, jazz, tap and dance fundamentals classes.  In September of 2011, the Reif Dance Program entered into a formal partnership with James Sewell Ballet (JSB) of Minneapolis, and James Sewell was named the Artistic Advisor for the  Reif Dance Program.  This partnership entails regular master classes and performances  by James Sewell and JSB in Grand Rapids and frequent visits by Reif Dance students to the JSB studios in Minneapolis.  Some of our students aspire to become a member of the Reif Dance Company, a 15-20 member performance group. In recent years our students have gone on to study with Boston Ballet, Houston Ballet II, Alvin Ailey and Royal Winnipeg Ballet among others. There are two full-time, and several part-time dance instructors. Various guest choreographers, guest workshops and master classes round out students’ enriched dance experiences.  There are three state-of-the-art dance rehearsal studios (1,200 sq ft, 1,800 sq ft and 2,250 sq ft), plus access to a large stage with professional lighting and sound support for performances. The Reif Dance Program presents three full dance productions each year, including a “Nutcracker” in December, a “Company Show,” and a spring production in June.  Guest choreographers and touring dance companies regularly schedule performances, residencies and workshops for the students.


The Reif Arts Council is a private, non-profit arts organization created to stimulate growth in the arts in Northern Minnesota and to provide a well-managed facility in which a wide variety of the arts may be experienced, exhibited and taught. The Arts Council makes its home in The Reif Performing Arts Center, a state-of the art presenting facility built in 1980 and owned by Grand Rapids Public School (ISD #318), including a 645-seat auditorium. There are currently eight full-time and several part-time employees working together to accomplish the vision set by a fifteen-member board of directors.  The current budget is approximately $950,000 per year. Visit the website for additional information (www.reifcenter.org)