Prodigy Is currently looking for new dance teachers. We have expended our studio and opened up another school in East Meadow with the brother studio in uniondale.

HipHop-┬ámust be able to teach beginners with a well put together class. Our style of HipHop is not “pop hop” but bringing back the original style of HipHop. Popping, locking, tucking, breakdancing etc.

Acro- teaching tumbling for our little dancers, beginner Acro and advance Acro. Our main goal for tumbling is learning the basics, log rolls, crab walks, frog jumps, front rolls, handstands, cartwheels, backbends etc. Beginner Acro has the same layout but getting flexibility, Back Bends, higher jumps, balance. Advance Acro our kids are learning front hand springs, back hand springs, aerial, one handed front walk overs, back walkovers etc. These kids have down back bends, handstands, cartwheels, the basics

Tap- ages 7 and up, beginner tap (7-10), interminate tap(11-13) and advance tap(13-18).

Please be advised that if your shchedule does not match up with our scheduled classes we will (sadly) have to let you go.

You can put an application through on our website attached below under the “apply to teach” section!


About Prodigy school of the arts

We are an art teaching  teaching all aspects of art like piano, drums, singing, acting, dance etc. we have been running for over 15 years and becoming more serious about our 10 year old dance program. Our students are becoming very serious about dance and started to join our 2 year old dance competition Team!