JOB VACANCIES(two female teachers)

*One musical theatre teacher
*One dance teacher good at -ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap dance and hip hop)

*From beginner level
*4 to 16 years old

*Salary is US$3226 per month
*One-year work visa
*One round-trip air ticket every year
*One month paid holiday
*Shared apartment (two people-two-bedroom apartment)

Working Hours: 8 HOURS PER DAY (teaching and office hours)
*13:00-20:00 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; 9:30-18:30 on Saturday and   Sunday.
*Monday and Tuesday off days

*Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the relevant field
* working experience (with recommendation letters)
*must be able to control groups of students
*must be dedicated and have a passion for teaching dance
*must be physically fit

About Perfect Future Academy of Performing Arts Beijing

Perfect Future, Academy of Performing Arts, located in the heart of Beijing in China is hiring foreign teachers for: ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop and vocal.
We also provide working VISA for 1-year contract...
Contact us:  Email: perfectfuturebj@163.com or 13601178200@163.com
Call: +86 13601178200 Aliza Zhang