The Dance Garden is a performance focused dance studio located in San Francisco’s Richmond District. Students are encouraged to learn a variety of Dance techniques as well as Choroegraphy, Theatre production skills and Sewing. Hip Hop is now an integral part of a student’s dance education and the Dance Garden is looking for an enthusiastic Teacher who can teach Hip Hop basics to beginners and challenging steps to intermediates. A mini demo concludes most classes for parents to see what their dancers have learned and to encourage stage presence in our youngest performers. Hip Hop Teacher applicant should be skilled in creating a mini choreo from the class elements taught that day in a fun, encouraging style and should be able to communicate the different styles of Hip Hop to interested students and parents. At the DG, we are focused on the whole child and encourage the study of dance because it has a positive affect on the develeopment of the the student no matter what career is pursued.

About Ms Marian's Dance Garden

Ms Marian's Dance Garden is a performance-focused Dance Studio in San Francisco's Richmond District that opened in OCT, 2013.  There are three Schools:  * Infants/Toddlers (6-36 mos) with their caregivers – Creative Movement;  * Kids (ages 3 – 18 yrs) - multi levels in Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Acro, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Choreography, Character Folk Dance, Pre K Creative Movement, Jazz;  * Teen/Adult FIT program - Pilates, Yoga, Ballet

ALSO:  Auxiliary Classes in Performance Touring and Sewing (Sewing Bees) for dancers in Grades 2-8

ALSO:  Summer and Winter Camps in Arts and Crafts, Pre K Busy Bees and Musical Theatre

These activities complement our dance training in an attempt to build the well-adjusted, whole dancer.

Directed by Marian Roth-Cramer, BA, MFA, Ms Marian has 30+ years' experience as Performer, Teacher, Producer, Author and Company Director.  Ms Marian is known for her individualized and nurturing style of teaching, her work in school systems and the thousands of children she has influenced to discover the joy and wonder of Dance.  In  1980, Ms Marian wrote a book for Early Childhood Educators (Pre K to 1st grade) presenting Creative  Movement/Dance exercises as an alternative to traditional PE classes. The Dance Garden is also a Training Center for Teachers, Students and Dancers, with the objective to grow educated, responsible and talented artists.  Students of Roth-Cramer have earned spots in High School and Colleges of the Arts;  employment in Dance Companies and in related fields of the Arts, Production, and Design.

Marian Roth-Cramer, BA, MFA, Ms Marian’s Dance Garden,  5841 Geary Blvd/22nd & 23rd Avenues, San Francisco, CA  94121 (415)  377-2351,  www.dancegardensf.com,  dancegardensf@gmail.com          8/2017