Looking for a long term Hiphop Instructor, one who would be committed to a fixed position with an exclusivity basis to our academy.

What will be required of the Instructor/Choreographer is to:

– Be apt to teach Hiphop classes of several age groups (Classes ranging from 6 yrs. to late 20s)

– Come up with a new 30 second Advanced Hiphop Choreography on a weekly basis

+ A General Choreography for less advanced classes.

Additional tasks are to be discussed at a later stage.

We are basically looking for a new star in our school, one who would be featured in all our channels and would be responsible for the whole Hiphop section (biggest section we have)!

Kindly if interested, send the following to:    dance@bylyne.co

– Your Resume

– A recent Hip Hop performance of you, preferably one that you choreographed

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