We are seeking a teacher for our contemporary and level 2 tumbling classes for ages 8+. We are hoping to find a teacher who can teach both classes, but will hire separately. Other classes for younger children or other styles may be available as well. Teachers need to be very reliable, on time and have strong communication and want to be a part of our studio community. Most importantly we are looking for teachers who love to teach and love children/teens!

Dance Tumbling Teacher: Minimum of 2 years teaching advanced tumbling for dancers and knowledge of the differences of training tumbling on a dance sprung floor verses a gymnastics sprung floor. Applicants must have a progressive curriculum they are familiar or be willing to use curriculum. We take safety and technique very serious and are looking for a teacher who understands the different types of bodies and how to adapt their teaching for each child. Experience choreographing.

Contemporary Teacher: Current or former professional dancer. Experienced in teaching a progressive class for beginners and advanced contemporary.



About Los Angeles AcroDance Academy

LAA is Dance Acrobatics school in Los Angeles. We are a non-competitive school with a focus on the whole student, artistic expression and technical mastery. All students who train in acrobatics also train in dance technique of jazz or ballet. We offer classes in Dance Acro, Contortion, Tumbling, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz and Breakin'. We are looking for a teacher(s) to join our faculty how have extensive training and  performance experience who have a love for teaching.