Leap Dance Center is looking for instructors (18 years and older) that will go above and beyond for our studio! We are looking for someone that not only excels in teaching classes, but is also willing to be a part of a team.


-Teach exceptional classes that will spark the interest of children of all ages and engage them long term.

-Have extensive training in dance technique, and experience working with children as young as 5.

-Forge relationships with each child, so that they feel recognized, and so their parents feel confident that the child is well cared for in class.

-Work hard for positive feedback from parents and students.

-Uphold Leap Dance Center’s reputation as an outstanding place for children to fall in love with dance and grow up in.

-Care for the studio as a whole; always working for the greater good of the staff and the students by exemplifying our values in everything that you do.

This job would be perfect for you if:

-You love working with kids and have a passion of sharing your knowledge and love of dance.

-Have some experience in the classroom and wish to expand that experience.

-Thrive in an organized work environment with clear expectations and deadlines.

-Are a problem solver and thorough communicator.

-Are consistent and reliable.

-Love providing great customer service.

Leap is looking for someone that:

-Loves children.

-Would want to be involved in outside dance events: such as the recital, pictures, and rehearsals.

-Likes working in a fast-paced, positive, and high energy environment.

-Likes working with a team.