We are seeking a passionate and committed dance teacher to educate, energize and excite our students and ignite their passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance Culture so they can own their stage with confidence.

*Please view the entire job description and application: https://www.groovesunlimiteddancestudio.com/join-team-grooves

We will NOT be considering email resumes or cover letters, you must visit the link above for the application process

About Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio

At Grooves Unlimited Dance Studio, we energize our Groovers to own their stage by igniting a passion for Hip-Hop, Tap Dance and all Street Dance Culture.

​We are a Team of authentic artists who eat, breathe and sleep Hip-Hop and Tap Dance. We believe that Hip-Hop and Tap Dance are two of the most beautiful contributions that America has offered the international dance community and that the continued authenticity of these art forms is dependent on passionate and knowledgeable teachers passing down the technique, history and culture to eager dancers. We believe that taking the stage provides dancers with the best opportunities to hone their craft and give back to their community, and we love helping our Groovers build the confidence they need to own their stage, the type of confidence that shines both in and out of the studio.

Our Team of 8 are united in our passion for dance education and Street Dance culture, serving over 350 Groovers on a weekly basis. After opening our doors in Cedar Groove, NJ in 2012 and moving to Livingston, NJ in 2013, our Dance Family grew dramatically from 2016 to 2018 and Grooves Unlimited became the go-to studio for Hip-Hop and Tap Dance training in the area. We dedicate ourselves to Street Dance styles by offering the highest quality Hip-Hop and Tap Dance training in the North Jersey area with non-competitive classes for all ages and levels in addition to pre-professional performance companies for those dancers seeking the next level in their dance education.

​We are proudly the only dance studio in the U.S. to focus solely on Hip-Hop and Tap with fully developed programs dedicated to the technique, history and culture of these art forms.