My name is Helena Berggren, of From The Top Dance Academy, Newtown Square, Pa. I am recruiting top dancers and choreographers across the country to be part of a new Advanced Dance Academy Program. Quite simply, my goal and plan is to make From The Top recognized as one of the top dance programs in the country. I am a dancer and choreographer of the former Swedish National Dance Team, the co-owner of one of the premier dance studios in Europe, Karlskoga DansCenter [KDC] Sweden, and the new Creative Director of From the Top Dance. KDC, in its brief eight year history, has won several Swedish Championship titles and consistently represents Sweden in the World Championships. Several students consistently transition into successful professional dance careers.

My plan and desire is to recreate this success at From the Top Dance by introducing a completely new Advanced Dance Academy Program. This Program will provide dance training for high level students that desire to become among the finest dancers in the industry. Specifically, we intend to totally transform the program, creating among the following:

Competition Teams & Crews
Performance Teams & Crews
Academic Dance Prep
Master Programs
Growing Young Dancers

This is just a sampling of what is to come. We will be providing more details over the summer. Get excited! The path forward is clear and the future is bright. By combining excellence in training, performance and exposure to dance in a fun environment From The Top and our students will reach the Top!

​I am seeking the best dancers, dance instructors, and choreographers in all disciplines of dance. Be at the top of your game and passionate about what you perform, teach, and create! In-studio, streaming instruction, long- and short-term positions available. Great Studio environment where everyone works together as a family and great pay!


About From the Top Dance

FROM THE TOP - Best dance training and wide style diversity for all ages and levels!

Ballet, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Euro Disco and more!
Dance for ages 2 to adults! We have something for everyone!

Here at FROM THE TOP DANCE we strive to deliver the best dance education for all. Teaching the fundamentals, techniques and performance of different dance styles with regard for each student's individuality and right of self expression and development. Instilling confidence in our dancers is important to us, and together we will train, work hard and above all - have fun! Our major showcases are our pride as well as the many charity events we are involved in by spreading joy through dance."