Hey there! We are an online dance school www.dance-wire.com looking for charismatic and passionate teachers who are eager to teach as many students as possible worldwide!

The way it works: you will have to record your video classes from home or from a dance studio and share it with us to upload them to our platform. Videos can be as little as 5 minutes long if you are explaining a specific step, or longer if you are recording a choreographed combination.

The remuneration: students cannot access your videos unless they pay and subscribe on our platform. You would get paid on a monthly basis according to your videos views. The money will come from the subscription revenue we generate. We divide the monthly revenue between instructors, so for example if your videos generated 40% of all views, then you would earn 40% of the revenue that month.

Your videos will be available on our platform 24/7 and they will start generating revenue for you by themselves!

For more information, WhatsApp me on +971501744124 or by email hi.dancewire@gmail.com.


Dance Wire is a virtual dance school providing you with top quality dance classes online.
These virtual classes are pre-recorded by international  instructors, carefully selected to give students the best possible learning experience online.

From just 17$ per month with our yearly subscription, students can get unlimited access to dance class tutorials from qualified instructors around the world. Every month, new video tutorials will be added to the platform, so there will always be something new to learn!

We have three distinct difficulty levels for each dance style, so students can learn at their own pace, and improve from one level to the next.