Hey there! We’re looking for a Jazz/Lyrical Coach that will have full creative jurisdiction over choreography, music, and costumes to facilitate my competitive dancer’s experience starting beginning of September 2023 – end of July 2024. We will be competing at Kar, Rainbow, and Showstopper this year.

Must be able to teach 4-8:30 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays! Should you need time off, please find your own sub! Would love to have this coach teach long term (2-5 years or more! You’ll be working with young dancers and overseeing their growth for as long as they stay with Charade!).

About Charade Dance Academy

Dorothy Ho, dancer, choreographer, and teacher, founded Charade Dance Academy in 2019. Her passion to share the art of dance with her community is what motivated her to start Charade, alongside other skilled and experienced choreographers and teachers all here in Garden Grove. At Charade you can expect a positive and expressive environment that all dancers crave. We're looking for experienced teachers and coaches to help facilitate dancer's growth over the next coming years to come.