Highly qualified Dance Teacher to teach various classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Would be willing to accept someone who can only teach only one or two of those days. Classes begin at 3:45 PM with the latest class ending as late as 8:00. Minimum of three classes on each day. Three tap on Monday, Tuesday is two jazz, one contemporary and one tap. Thursday is three tap and one ballet. School is a non-competitive, professional level school. The age for these classes range from students age 7 through 14. School has been actively successful for 41 years and has an excellent reputation, with many students in professional companies. Most students are very committed to their art. We have a very serious program for ballet as well as the other dance genres. Our previous teacher has just informed us she has a serious health problem and cannot continue. We need help for our 450 students as soon as possible.

About California Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA)

Of the dance styles listed below, we are most in need of a qualified Tap Teacher. We have strict Covid protocols in place that mirror those of the public schools in our area. We are very competitive in our compensation.